Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Adult dyslexia symptoms

Adult dyslexia symptoms are similar to those facing children. The symptoms usually first appear in childhood. However, many times they go undiagnosed. Because of this, many adults find themselves suffering from the symptoms of dyslexia. By recognizing the symptoms, they can get the help they need. Some of the more common symptoms arise in spelling, math, comprehension, direction and interchanging letters. Not only will a person have trouble spelling difficult words, but simple words are challenging as well. Often times, words are spelled just as they are spoken. For example, "nock" instead of "knock," or "serch" replaces "search." Adults who are dyslexic have trouble understanding basic math, which includes putting numbers in their proper sequence. Many times, a person will reverse numbers. And it may also be hard for them to count to 100.

source: http://www.learningrx.com/adult-dyslexia-symptoms-faq.htm

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